Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest Post Series: Tara Stiles (aka Rachel's favorite yogi)

I love the idea of yoga- putting on my favorite pair Lululemon Groove Pants, rolling out my blue yoga mat, and getting my zen on.  However, in practice, I am not quite the zen goddess that I’d like to be.  My mind often goes elsewhere- thinking about the laundry I need to do, the groceries I need to pick up, and of course, how much I’d loooove an iced coffee right about now.  And, as much as I want to embrace the spiritual element that yoga classes offer, sometimes of the sacred Hindu texts, the personal intentions, and chanting is a bit too much for me.   

But, recently I stumbled upon a type of yoga that is more my speed, yoga that doesn't take itself too seriously. Enter Tara Stiles, yoga rebel.  As described by the NYTimes, Ms. Stiles is “a 29-year-old former model with skyscraper limbs and a goofball sensibility, focuses on the physical and health aspects of yoga, not the spiritual or the philosophical.”  She uploads short yoga routines with fun themes to YouTube—there’s high heel yoga, yoga for a long day, couch yoga, morning flexibility, yoga for a hangover—you name it, Tara Stiles has got it!  I am currently into the Morning Wakeup yoga– such a wonderful way to start the day.  Here's a clip....

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