Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some cool stuff I wouldn't mind having

So.  Hiatus?  A bit.  Whatever.  Here goes the rest of the story!

Well.  The Gods have spoken and it has been determined that I shall be spending the summer in good ol' Williamsburg.  Which... believe it or not was rather relieving.  Given that I haven't been home for more than three weeks straight in two years... I think this could be nice.  (Insert positive sigh here.)  I'll get some things straightened out in my head before senior year, and I'll make some money.  It just sounds good.  Homey.  (Go figure that I chose this Winter as the perfect time to evict myself from my Williamsburg room.  Har har.)

So, now that I am no longer totally flipped out at the idea of pondering Summer activities, that leaves me free to ponder the lovelier bits of the season.  And what are those you ask?  Lemme show ya...


1. A new J. Crew swimsuit such as this...

2. An abundance of sundresses.
(Something that was seriously lacking last summer.)
Check these out!

3. A Herschel Supply Company Heritage Backpack

4. An awesome summer book list.  The last three things I've read have been re-reads.  I am ready to move on!  However, I also think that re-reading Harry Potter is in my near future... (heyooo emotional roller coaster!)

5. BENSIMONS! Hailed by A Cup of Jo as the "French girl's converse" -- and really, who could say no to that?

6. A Busch Gardens pass.  Yup.  I said it.  I mean, if you're going to live that close to the best ice cream sundaes you've ever had in your life... why not go?

7. Marais USA shoes.  All of them.  But these look particularly nice for summer activities.

9.  Tickets to go see this. (YO ma sista Kate... can I come visit you??)

10. The Righteous Brothers/Joni Mitchell/Simon & Garfunkel/ or Bruce Springsteen
stuck in my head most days.