Friday, June 3, 2011

L-House Update: 18

An L-House Update...

1. Check out this pretty and inexpensive look book by Ruche.

2. The smell of a bookstore.

3. Fresh blueberry pie.  (With grated lemon zest on the bottom!!) I used to hate fruit pies.  The world has changed.  I love fruit pies.

4. First editions.  Once, my friend Aubrey found a first edition of a James Bond book at a little book sale in Cambridge.  Live and Let Die.  Oh that one could simultaneously be James Bond and found in a first edition.  Simply the suavest.

5. Aren't these cool?  This one's my favorite:

6. Freshly baked bread.  Check out this awesome recipe.

7. This I Believe.  I love this program so much.This is my favorite.  Please read it, or take a listen.  And, if you're able... go.

"I am a citizen of the world.  My roots cover the earth."

8. Most amazing restaurant experience I have ever had.  The Blind Cow in Zurich.  Here's a cool NPR story about it.  (Aubrey and her Aunt Laura took me there as a surprise.  I had no idea what to expect until we got inside!!  Quite the shock.)

9. A fantastic tumblr.  I'm all for well-tailored attire.

10. My dad got me a subscription to this glorious magazine one year as a birthday gift...

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