Friday, June 17, 2011

L-House Update: 20

An L-House Update...

2. Lovely leather luggage tags.  I like how they have the coordinates.

3. This cool dress.

4. Eating good cheese, fresh bread, and nectarines at midnight with a good friend.

5. Beautiful Handwriting.  Don't you love the white on green?  It's so fresh!

6. These are hilarious...

7. Sippin' iced tea with lemon on the porch.  Preferably in a rocking chair with a good book in hand.

8. A bit of news, my parents have once again proved that they are simply the amazing-est!!  As I write this, they are en route to visit this lovely lady in Beijing!!  Too cool.  Too crazy! I so respect and admire their taste for adventure. 

9. Pretty, pretty pictures.  Golly.  Let that imagination of yours run wild.

10.  What a cool idea for a book....  I'll bet the illustrations are marvelous.

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