Monday, August 29, 2011

Scenes from Summer: Part One

This summer was crazy.

I’ve never had a truly classically-crazy summer, and I’m glad to have one under my belt.  I checked some things off of my life to-do list.  (Including but not limited to "wear Coco Mademoiselle regularly".)  I made money.  (Spent money.)  Had a nineties hit stuck in my head most of the time.  Got lost. (More than once.)  Had adventures.  laughed a lot.  (Cried a bit.)  Took pictures.  Ate good food.  Made some unexpected friends.  Wrote a lot.  Pulled all-nighters.  Watched the sunrise.  Let my guard down.  (Even if only a little.)

I feel like, as my old(ish) friend Mrs. Perry would say, this summer "grew me up."

I was, as my new(ish) friend Andi would say, "the bravest."