Friday, January 28, 2011

L-House Update: Three

An L-House Update...
1. The song "Sister" from the album Seven Swans by Sufjan Stevens.  The lyrics are beautiful.  Listen to this sometime in the summer, at the end of a good day, when the sun is almost down...

What the water wants is hurricanes,
and sailboats to ride on its back.
What the water wants is sun kiss,
and land to run into and back.

I have a fish stone burning my elbow,
reminding me to know that I'm glad
that I have a bottle filled with my old teeth.
They fell out like a tear in the bag.

And I have a sister somewhere in Detroit
She has black hair and small hands.
And I have a kettledrum
I'll hit the earth with you.
And I will crochet you a hat.

And I have a red kite;
I'll put you right in it.
I'll show you the sky.
2. Moss-covered trees...

3. A dark green 1960s MG convertible...

4. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.  If you haven't read it, you should.  It's a rite of passage sort of thing.  But, read it in the fall.  It's an autumn sort of story.

5. Sealing Wax.

6.This recipe.  The pear is so pretty--such a cool bowl, too.  And, what a lovely contrast to the tart!

7. English roses.

8. Floor to ceiling bookshelves.

9. Top hats.
10. Make-believe....Of course.


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  2. I so want to steal so many of these that terribly wrong of me?

    I also have to say: I had NO idea what this L-house would transform into (and what a big deal it would become) when you first shared this piece of your soul with me your sophomore year.

  3. ooops. I messed up the first time, so knowing me, I had to fix my typo.