Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Throwback to: The Songs of Senior Year

Okay, so, with every year or event, there comes a certain set of songs.  The album "Funeral" by the Arcade Fire will always remind me of eighth grade.  The album "Riot on an Empty Street" by Kings of Convenience will always remind me of the summer after ninth grade.  I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately-- or at least in awe of the fact that it's been two years since that bizarre time of my sort-of-senior-year of high school.  I've got a few songs with which I associate January 2009- August 2009 aka "my time off", and here they are...

1. Sisotowbell Lane by Joni Mitchell
I don't really know why this song reminds me of this time after senior year... but, it's lovely.  I guess I just listened to it a lot back then.  Unfortunately, there is no recording of it on youtube.  But, I highly recommend that you look it up on itunes.

2. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon
On a CD Aubrey made me for my birthday.  I listened to this song on sunny days with the windows rolled down on my way to work...

3. Oh Happy Day by the Edwin Hawkins Singers
This song was also on the Aubrey CD.  It was the first track, so I heard it many times.  It's funny though, because in Switzerland, the day after Aubrey got deported, friends of Aubrey's Aunt Laura, Florina and Raffi and their kids, took us (Laura, her two girls, and myself) to dinner at an old Swiss biker-bar like place waaaaay out in the boondocks.  This restaurant is home to some of the best fondue in Switzerland.  The tables are all great slabs of wood that have been slicked over with time and carved up on every imaginable surface with initials and symbols and messages.  Raffi used to frequent the place, back in his motorcycle days, and so the owner new him and Florina by sight.  The owner was basically a cross between Dumbledore and a bar owner (So, Aberforth?).  He had a great white beard and a smile across his old wrinkly face.  Anyway, there was a Juke Box at this place.  I went up and put some money in.  I looked at the buttons, and this title jumped out at me: "Oh Happy Day by the Edward Hawkins Singers."  I clicked it, and it was the exact same recording as the one on Aubrey's CD.  A crazy coincidence, indeed!

 4. Carey by Joni Mitchell
This song is also on the Aubrey CD.  It's one of the best sing-a-long songs ever.  It has such fantastic harmonies.  And, the lyrics are awesome, "let's not talk about fare-the-wells now, night is a starry dome, and they're playing that scratchy rock n' roll beneath a Matalla moon."  Or as I sing it, "let's not talk about fairy-tales now, night is a starry dome, and they're playin that scratchy rock n' roll beneath a m...askdfja moon."  Also a very good one for sunny days with the windows rolled down.

5.Free Fallin by John Mayer
I've never really been hugely into John Mayer but, this was track two on the Aubrey CD, and it flows very well.  I like this song a lot.  It's good for contemplation on a sunny day with the windows rolled down.  (On the way home from work.)  And, maybe a bit of singing along--but only under your breath...

6. Take the A Train by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
As a nanny, this job to which I so often drove on sunny days with the windows rolled down, the three little girls and I listened to a lot of music.  Their parents had this great CD of old big band classics.  I would put that CD on, and the four of us would have a dance party in the family room. 

 7. Every Disney Song in Creation
I had a few CD's chock full of random Disney songs.  The girls and I listened to them constantly.  Not to mention, we also viewed quite a few of the movies...

8. Out of Habit by Ani DiFranco 
Ani DiFranco is just plain cool.  There's no gettin around it.  My favorite line of this song is, "and the coffee was just water dressed in brown..."  I love that.  It's one of the best descriptions of bad coffee ever.

9. The Mamma Mia soundtrack. 
Again with the dance parties.  A favorite was the song "Money Money Money."  I attempted to find a recording, but it just came up with either the movie or the song in a variety of random languages: Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Norwegian....

10. LOVE by Nat King Cole
I lost count of how many times the girls and I watched The Parent Trap.  I was always there for the beginning, but sometimes I would leave before the movie finished.  Hence, this song always brings me right back there-- to snacks and movie time. (Usually post-dance party).  And, as a side note, this is one of my favorite movie intros ever.

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  1. you nailed it. there's truly nothing better than driving on a beautiful day with a song like "free fallin" playin through the stereo ;)