Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breakfast with Destiny

This whole blog thing is really the girl on the right's fault. Well, hers and my sister's... ;)

My friend Destiny and myself many a moon ago en route to see John Mayer and Ben Folds
Destiny and I met my sophomore--her junior--year at ye olde Jamestown High School. We had gym together.  Destiny, our friend Alexa, and I would walk around the track outside and have discussions and debates on just about any controversial topic imaginable.  This always proved to be a lively discussion given our contrasting political opinions, but we never felt frustrated or put down.  We respected one another.  Once those conversations died down, I would teach them colonial drinking songs I'd learned from working at Colonial Williamsburg. We would sing them everywhere. Joan Glover... White Sands Gray Sands... Here's a Health...

Destiny and I had that Gym Class, Choir, AP Music Theory... and all sorts of shenanigans in between. I think she would agree that logically there is no reason we should still be friends. We're totally different and didn't have too many close mutual friends in high school.  Our friendship should have faded with all the others.  But, ever since she graduated in 2008, we've gone to breakfast at The Five Forks Cafe (what my family affectionately refers to as "The Greasy Spoon) a few times every year.

I get the Feta Omelet (heavenly). She gets the side of Biscuits and Gravy (aka the Southern Belle Special). And then, we have some discussion of anything and everything. She'll tell me about her family (eleven brothers and sisters and a brother-in-law!), and I'll gush about whatever is forefront on my mind. Of course, the favorite topic? Re-hashing the multitude of hypothetical questions we explored in high school. Such as:

If you had to pick five books/movies for the rest of your life, what would they be?

If you could have dinner with five presidents-- which ones would you pick? And, of course, what are you having for dinner??

You are hosting a dinner party. Money is no object. You can invite whoever you want, wherever you want. Go. (Ex. Go on safari in the African veldt in the late nineteenth century with everyone decked out in Khaki safari clothes and then have a “picnic” in the African sunset with good wine, and cheese, bread, and fruit, and then someone pulls out their violin....)

I love that Destiny and I still have breakfast whenever we're both in town. I love how after so many years she and I somehow still manage to talk about anything and nothing despite how relatively unalike we are.

Do any of you have a Destiny? I hope so. I can't tell you how lovely it is to have a friend who is totally removed from your everyday and is solely associated with the comforting bits of your life.

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