Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I mean... it is February....

My mom calls this the worst month of the year.  So, we thank god that it's also the shortest.

Well, Jaime and I just got back from this food-expo like thing in Campus Center.  All of these different vendors had samples of food for us (as in the student population-- not just Jaime and myself, although, I'm sure we would have enjoyed that) to try.  Our favorite was BeetNPath.  They've got this great oatmeal they call "proats" ( I hate oatmeal, and this stuff was great.)  Apparently, it's full of all sorts of good stuff.  Vitamins and protein and whatnot.  They also had this great turkey meatloaf....  They've started carrying ready-made dinners by BeetNPath in one of the dining-hall-type places here-- so, that's been lovely.

On our way back, we stopped by the post office, and I picked up a letter from my dad.  (My dad writes me letters every couple of weeks.  I love it because I know that it's a form of journaling for him--which is fun for me to read, I love getting things in the mail, and it reminds me that I am my father's daughter in soooo many ways.)

This particular letter started out with a pretty fabulous idea-- wouldn't it be cool if there were a book of famous/interesting people's salutations?  Like, did Thomas Jefferson always begin and end his letters the same way?  Ponder...

On a completely unrelated note-- check out this amazing/disturbing Valentine's Day cupcake!! (By LilyVanilli... be sure to check out all of the other delectable products.  If anyone out there happens to be in the UK...I strongly recommend that you stop by.)

Apparently it's delicious.... muuuuuahahahha!

Here's a badass song to go with the eating of a heart:

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
By The Arcade Fire

Spread the ashes of the colors over this heart of mine.

Well, that's all for now folks.  I'm off to a lesson.  Wish us luck here in Ithaca as we attempt to survive snowpocalypse 2011!  (I have a feeling that all of my Southern-Belle-ness is going to be surfacing within the next couple of days....)  Also, I've had this ridiculous craving for a funfetti cupcake.  Those things are awesome.

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  1. the heart is creeping me out...but it would be the only way my valentine (...??) and I would ever. ever. celebrate such a wretched holiday.