Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A taste of Michigan summer...

A Painting By David Westerfield
This painting is what one of the roads to heaven looks like.  I like to think it's the one my parents will take.  They had their honeymoon up there in Northern Michigan.  They made a promise that it would be "their place", and that they wouldn't bring anyone else up with them.  I'm mightily glad they broke that promise!  Some of the best times of my life have happened in Northern Michigan.  Leland... Glen Arbor... Traverse City... Interlochen... Mackinac Island...

Here are a few of the most fabulous things 
from one of my favorite places...

1. Cottage Book Shop
Every summer since I can remember, my dad has bought me a book here

So proud of the fact that I have completed the Boomchunka challenge:

The entire place is covered with ever college pennant imaginable.  You will have the most amazing breakfast ever, with things on the menu like "The Glen Lake Breakfast" and the "The Hangover Helper (Hangover Optional)"  Either way--it's a meal you won't forget.  Wood paneling.  Jukebox.  Sizzling of corned beef hash on the grill.  And this on the wall:

4. Pearl House
Photo by Wedding Creativo
This place is special for two reasons.  First, because I experienced one of my favorite vacations of all time there (Camp Korroch!!).  Second, this is where the bridal party stayed for my sister's wedding.  It's a beautiful house---that used to be a funeral home... (there's a particularly fantastic story about an apparition, my sister, and blood-curdling screams in the night!  Just ask...)

5. The Bluebird
We've gone here for dinner every single summer for as long as I can remember.  The have the best dinner rolls ever.  Cinnamon twists with an obscene amount butter.  Also, it's worth noting, that the bar serves some pretty awesome peppermint stick ice cream.  (Awesome might be an understatement.  My mom would sell her soul for a bowl of it.)  

6. Sleeping Bear National Park
 I have so many memories of this place.  The first being the most epic.  We were on vacation with our friends the Macaulay's, and Carolyn and I (who were both seven), in an attempt to hang out with the "big kids" accidentaly hiked the whole thing.  Without water.  I've never been happier to dive into a lake in my life!  
This picture does not do it justice.  This is only the very very end!

7. L. Mawby
 My sister's favorite winery.  Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!!
It's an absolutely beautiful place. 
8. Mackinac Island
The location of the best fudge and one of the best bike rides you'll ever experience.
The Grand Hotel-- it costs ten bucks just to get on the porch!

  9. Stone House Bread
Right down the street from Pearl House.  Simply the BEST scones I've ever had in my life.  Many a lovely memory of walking down there in the morning, getting a cup of black coffee, a sweet, crumbly, scone to go with it, and my journal.

10. Poppycock's
One of my favorite restaurants of ALL time.  Last summer we had a tart made with phyllo-dough crust, brie, figs, lavendar, and honey.

11. Crystal River
 Kayaking.  Except, it's more like the lazy river at Water Country... 

12. Kresge
 This is Kresge.  The giant amphitheater at Interlochen.  Over the windows in the back it says,

"Dedicated to the Promotion of World Friendship Through the Universal Language of the Arts"

I've seen some incredible performances here.  Ben Folds, Hootie and the Blowfish, Bernadette Peters, Styx, Josh Groban (even though I hate him), Interlochen's World Youth Symphony Orchestra performing some incredible rep--the most memorable of which was Holst's The Planets.

And then, there was one time, I saw Norah Jones sing, and the sun was going down over the lake.  The breeze rustled the leaves in the dusk... and it was heavenly.


  1. Molly-

    Your blog came up on my newsfeed, and as a fellow Michigan lover I had to check it out. You've successfully made me ache for summer and the state! I especially love #12...I still remember seeing Hootie and the Blowfish there with you and of course lots of WYSO concerts (although I don't think I was the most patient listener back then). I'm actually thinking about returning to Interlochen this summer for the first time since we were 12 to be an Intermediate Girls Counselor! Anyway, I hope all is well with you, old friend! :)

    -Melissa Ericksen

  2. Melissa! I'm so happy that you of all people saw this. I definitely took a hard core trip down memory lane. :) I'm glad you're doing well, and that's so awesome that you might work there this summer! Full circle, indeed.