Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break: Day Three

Spring Break...
Day Three

A lovely day, indeed.  Mariah and I are currently sitting in front of the TV watching The Quiet Man--one of my favorite movies of all time.  So, I decided to take this opportunity to update.  

This morning I got up and made cornmeal muffins, and had one (or three...) with an egg over-easy, a sliced orange, and a cup of Lady Grey tea.  Lovely.  (It's like Earl Grey, but with more citrus.)  After breakfast, Mariah and I went thrifting with my friend Aubrey.  Mariah made quite a few finds!  We came back to my house, where we met my dad who took the three of us to Jamestown Island.  History and an awesome view?  Yes, please.  We all proceeded to geek-out in accordingly.  (Did yall know that Kocoum actually existed?? He was married to Pocahontas!)  Here are some of the results...

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