Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hither and Thither

I'm twenty now.  Or, as of three days ago.  The terrible two's re-vamped.  

I woke up this morning attempting to recall the song from the bar in the first Star Wars movie.  I still can't do it.  I'm giving myself until the end of the day before I look it up...

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up early.  It was a beautiful day.  Cold as hell.  But, the sky was crisp and blue.  It was my first ever birthday experience to include snow.  Which was interesting.  My dearest darlingest roommate let me borrow her car, and I drove it downtown, bought myself breakfast at CTB, and wrote in my journal as the day became yellow-er and the people came and went.  

  © 2011 M. Hunter Korroch
The view from my seven thousand three hundred and fifth morning.

And I wrote some...
"Something really nice happened last night.  It reminded me how lucky I am in my friends.  I was sitting in a practice room, and I got a call from Missy.
She said, 'Molls, I want to talk to you tonight!'
          'Okay!  What's up?'
          'No.  I want to talk to you face to face!'
She was in her car driving northward so that she could spend my birthday with me.  Alas, I informed her that I had a five-hour rehearsal the next day.  But, she was willing to drive however many hours to come see me for my birthday.  How fantastic is that?  What a friend.  I really do wish she could be here, and that I didn't have rehearsal."
I walked into Jaime and Amanda's room sometime around nine.  The lights were off, and Jaime was holding a pint of Ben and Jerry's with three spoons stuck in it, and holding a lighter up behind as a makeshift candle.  She was belting "Happy-Birthday-to-You", and Amanda was warbling right alongside her.  Amanda was attempting to snap pictures of the occasion, whilst I, sinking to the floor and gasping for breath because I was laughing so hard, attempted to inform her that the whole picture-taking thing wouldn't be working out due to the fact that her lens cap was still on.  But, she couldn't here me over Jaime's singing, and continued to click away at nothing...

It was...hilarious.  But, maybe you had to be there.

I'll always remember the twentieth as the one where I blew out the lighter.  I can't even remember if I made a wish, but it doesn't really matter, because I'm one of those people who always wishes for the same thing.

A thought with which to leave you:

What I Want Is
C.G. Hanzlicek

What I want is
Enough money

To have what I want
What I want is

My own hill
And beneath that hill

A pond
In the pond a lazy

Bass or two
And duck feathers

Resting on the mud
Of the shore

Between the hill
And mud a patch

Of grass where I
Can lie and count

My seven trees
My seven clouds

And count the coyotes
Coming down the hill

To drink
Coyote 1 Coyote 2

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