Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Order up.


 I am a creature of habit.  This quality displays itself in a variety of ways.  Such as, I always walk or drive somewhere in the exact same way, I think I have averaged eating an apple and peanut-butter every day for the past five years, and most importantly, I always, always, order the same thing.

I was thinking about that the other day when I was in line to order a sandwich at the pub, and I almost said, "six inch club on whole wheat with lettuce, pickles, and mayo."  Then I realized I wasn't standing in line at a Subway.  Here are a few of the stock characters of the Molly-palate...

Smoked turkey on french with provolone, house, and sprouts from The Cheese Shop (aka the addiction of Williamsburg...) If I'm goin all out-- I'll get a bag of baked sour cream and chive chips, an Orangina (Love. And, the bottles are so cool!) and, of course, extra house sauce...

Sugar free vanilla soy latte from.... this mom n' pop joint...(har har...)

Egg whites with cheese, mushrooms, and peppers--- my omelet at Campus Center.  I get it every Saturday morning.  Amanda, Jaime, and I stand in line foreeevverrrr in hopes of something more than sub-par...

Club on whole wheat with lettuce pickles and mayo (aka Korroch family road trip special from Subway...)

Burrito with chicken, rice, no beans, corn salsa, lettuce, mayo, and guac (From my former love, Chipotle.  Until that one fateful day, or two, last year during spring break.... poor Jaime....)

Tall hazelnut steamer... (It's my, I-want-to-appear-to-be-drinking-coffee-but-it's-too-late drink.  It's  impossible to go here without running into someone you know... especially on open mic night in the middle of the summer....

The Greek Omelet with egg whites, (the best omelet in existence.) and no hash browns... from a legit mom n' pop place. Also impossible to make an appearance here without running into half of Williamsburg....

Southwest chicken wrap.  Also from Aroma's.  Emily and I always happen to get them at the same time, despite our promises to "try something new"...

Veggie on focaccia.  For the days when the house sauce is feelin' a tad too heavy....

Small original tart with two strawberries and one granola... from a new Williamsburg favorite.  However, they close obscenely early.  It's quite upsetting when 9:30 rolls around and all I want is a frozen yogurt.

A shoutout for Ithaca--- I have yet to determine a habitual sandwich from this place (there are so many choices!) but, it's in the works!

So, what are your habitual orders?  What do yall get from these places?  Or, what are the cool places from your home-town to which everyone goes??  Of course, my biggest curiosity is: Williamsburg!  What do yall get from Cheese Shop?? Seriously, Williamsburg, we should all pick a day when we put our Cheese Shop order as our facebook statuses or something.  It's just so defining... ;)


  1. ah! I love the idea of cheese shop statuses. hahaha

    annnd WHAT do you mean FORMER love of Chipotle? It's only heaven in a burrito....or a bowl. either or.

    cheese shop: the sprouts are a must. and extra house.

  2. ah alas! Former, because I got food poisoning, and it was most unpleasant. :( But, yes to cheese shop statuses! Someone should alert the williamsburg facebook page people