Friday, October 14, 2011

L-House Update: 29

An L-House Update...

1. My life was made a happier place this week.  Frasier is now on Netflix.

2. Most amazing Halloween costume ever?  Please someone try this.

3. Pretty.  An excellent dinner party accessory and whatnot.

4. Alternative housing.  Could you do it?

5. Good basic dress.   It looks so comfortable!

6. Lua, by Bright Eyes

7. Super cool video!!  They look like aliens to me.  I don't know why.

8. Check this out!  My super fabulous friend, Aubrey, is a Senior in NYU's film program (crazy cool, I know) and this is to help out her final film project.  So, go forth and give it a gander!

9. I wish I could see this.  I love Paul Gross so much, because of this fantastic show, an amazing actor.  And don't the costumes/set look like they'll be gorgeous??

10. This time next week I'll have less hair, less anxiety, and shall be filled to the brim with Southern-love, Katiedid's chicken-pot-pie (be jealous), and cheese shop sandwiches.  Oh golly I can't wait to go home.  Where the trees have only just started to turn and the boys hold the door open for you.  It has been far far far too long.

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