Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer flicks

A little note:  I've decided that for the summer months, I will disperse with posting a weekly Featured Wish List.  But, I'm looking forward to sharing another project sometime soon. :)

Summer Flicks

That aside, aren't summer movies the best thing ever?  Last night, my friend Taylor and I watched Fried Green Tomatoes.  It made me miss the South.  But, it made me very glad that summer movie season has finally arrived (great for a rainy afternoon)!  Here are a few more of my personal favorites...

The Sandlot

Also known as one of the most awesome movies of all time.  Seriously.  Who didn't have a crush on Benny?  And, any movie taking place in the sixties is just... awesome.

Mamma Mia!

Next to Only You, (RDJ!!) this movie is my ultimate guilty pleasure.  It's just SO aesthetically pleasing!  If ABBA and Anthropologie had a baby...

The Parent Trap

I know this movie like the back of my hand.  When I was a nanny, we watched it almost every day.  Also, it has one of the best opening sequences ever. 

Dirty Dancing

Classic summer.

A League of Their Own

"There's no crying in basebaaaaalll!"  And it's another one of those simply aesthetically pleasing ones.

Jurassic Park

This movie is just so awesome.  Adventure blockbuster at its height, and it still makes me jump!

To Kill a Mockingbird

Ummm... Robert DuVall's first movie.  Atticus Finch.  I want to marry Gregory Peck.  Atticus Finch is the best.  Scout and Jem are such cool character names.  Atticus Finch.  Good soundtrack. Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch.

Dennis the Menace

Again with the classic all-American summer.  It just makes you miss being a kid.

Free Willy 

Fantastic film.  My obsession with it as a kid caused me to name my albino goldfish(es?) Willy.  Also, the harmonica is just fabulous.

Now and Then 

Rosie O'Donnell.  Devon Sawa. (Jaime's first love.)  Coke out of a bottle.  Red rover.  A mystery.

What are some of your favorites??  Hope you had a fantastic Thursday. --m.


  1. This is quite a selection of movies. I don't know that I have ever thought of To Kill a Mockingbird as a summer film, but I like that you put it on the list. Jurassic Park would definitely be in my top 5, but number one with a bullet would have to be The Goonies.

  2. Molly, do two episodes of Buffy count? Drew, SEE YOU TOMORROW and I saw The Goonies for the first time last summer and it was awesome.

  3. This is utterly shameful, but I've never seen The Goonies. And Kate-- perhaps I shall do a post about summer tv series...?? :) BUFFY! numero uno.