Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Featured Wish List: Melissa Redd

A wish list by:
Melissa Redd


1. Timberland Earthkeepers Desert Boots
2. A pair of double front Carhartts in Dark Brown
3. Overall Shorts in Green Khaki
4. Denim Button Down
(To be tucked in and sleeves rolled up...)
5. A Summer Bikini

Living Accessories... 

1. Kelty Gunnison 3.1 Tent, with Footprint
2. Kelty Woman's Redtail 26 Daypack in Charcoal
3. A New Pocket Knife that Includes Pliers
4. Bamboo Bike 
(I really, really don't need this, but it's so cool!)
5. Berns Helmet


1. An old cabin cottage tucked in the mountains of anywhere really, that I could fix up... 

2. Tupelo Trees
3. Beehive Boxes 
4. An Old Piece-Of-Crap Volvo Converted to Run off Bio-Diesel
5. Maybe a Partner to do This With...
6. A Compost Toilet.
7. A Field of Sunflowers.
 8. Also an Old Motorcycle...
(Think Che/Benjamin Button/Motorcycle Diaries/India)

Missy's Perfect Evening?

Guest List...

    Robert Redford (circa Out of Africa), Wesley (aka the Dream Man--the equivalent to James for those of you who know who that is...), Brad Pitt (circa Legends of the Fall), Edward Norton, Molly Korroch, Melissa Redd, Kirsten McDonald, Clare Dexter Shanley 

And this is what we'd do...

    Well, first we would go to dinner at some place like the Little Grill Collective and Five Forks Cafe combined, and would somehow suddenly be off Route 66.  (I would eat an Avocado Melt Gyro.)  Then, we'd go out dancing to old time music in a big barn. (Like the dance in A River Runs Through It.) It would feature the angelic voice of Robin Pecknold himself.  Songs like Blue Ride Mountains and Helplessness Blues by the Fleet Foxes.  Bare-feet, and I'd wear a dress like this one.  My guests and I would dance ourselves into a tizzy, and by then the stars would be out.  We'd sit in the evening light around a flickering campfire.  Talking, laughing, and taking swigs of Jack Daniels. But, I wouldn't really have that much at all. Because I'm a lady.  

We'd all pass out in tangle of limbs. (Oh, Robert Redford is that your arm I'm using as a pillow?)
In the morning we'd wake and hike not to a peak, but to a plateau. An open field filled with sunlight and honeybees to watch the sun rise like it does everyday. We'd all sing a solemn round of As the Deer Panteth.  Then we'd go to my old cabin cottage and eat blueberry, walnut, and chocolate chip pancakes with real maple syrup and black coffee all around.

Everyone would break out guitars, banjos, mandolins, fiddles--maybe even an accordion--and we'd pick at some songs. We'd promise to form a band and travel around the country via trains and hitch-hiking for a year. And we'd actually do it. The name of our band would be: The Red Orchard.  Because I think that sounds good...and there's a Redford and a Redd. So, I mean, it's in the cards...

Thanks Miss!  (I love the band name.)  If anyone is interested in being featured, as always, just comment or email!  --m.

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