Tuesday, May 17, 2011

American girl

This is hilarious.  (I will admit, I saw it on someone's facebook.)  Most of it isn't true at all (Samantha was totally not the cool one.) But, take a look at this:

If you had Felicity Merriman:  
(She was my first doll.)

You grew up to have an affinity for lovely things, (Naturally.) a possibly inflated sense of your own uniqueness, (I do always say that I'm the weird one...) a teensy hint of self-righteousness (remember how she refused tea when they raised the tea tax? "Thank you, I shall take no tea!"), (My favorite part in the book.) and a latent familiarity with Colonial Williamsburg. (Uummmm.....yeah.)

Also, I'd like to mention how it's awesome that they stuck with the original five.  Let's be honest.  Mattel ruined everything.  The Pleasant Company rocked.  What did your doll say about you?

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