Wednesday, December 7, 2011

L-House Update: 33

An L-House Update...

1.  Isn't this cool?  I wish I could do it!

3. Watching this movie on the couch with a bowl of Brunswick stew.  Inspirational battle speeches, beautiful scenery, and an awesome soundtrack.  As my friend Amanda said, "Where would we be without cloudy afternoons?"

5. Books with super aesthetically pleasing descriptions:

"The only light in here came from the fireplace, where a bright blaze of logs settled slightly, sending a fountain of sparks up into the chimney."
-Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass

6. Cranberry Nutmeg Pancakes with Lemon Curd.  Don't these look delicious??

7. Isn't this awesome?  Found it on my sister's blog.  We then had a conversation during with we both lamented the fact that we didn't become ballerinas.  Alas.

8. Beautiful rug.  I love how bright it is!

9. Super cozy looking sweater.

10. Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols.  I am so excited to sing it on Sunday!  It's so beautiful and mysterious.  

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