Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, Canada

Welcome to...
The Stone Family Reunion Extravaganza/ Our Trip to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival/ Jaime's First Out-of-Country Expedition!

After we both had rather horrid days at work (which we took as a cue that we both required a change of scenery) Jaime and I began our journey to Canada.  We rolled the windows down, blasted some Joni Mitchell, and I began the usual round of hypothetical questions.  In the midst of an intensely scenic route around the lake/mad amounts of farmland, we spotted an extremely quaint farm stand.  Jaime immediately reversed the car, and we bought a quart of golden cherries.  Naturally.

Believe it or not, Jaime and I made it through the border.  (Although our car was stopped and we were questioned.  And, for some reason we answered everything in unison... so that was interesting.)  With some assistance, although none from a GPS (go us!) we made it to our destination.  The next day, we went to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.  We walked around Stratford, had dinner, and saw productions of Twelfth Night and Camelot.  Both were incredible.

The next day was the family reunion!  People came in from far and wide, and many an engaging conversation ensued.  (Not to mention a rather intense game of Harry Potter Scene It...)

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