Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reason #3,907 why my sister is the coolest...

This is Kate.

...and me.

(And I am just now realizing that in basically all of our family pictures 
she is always on the right and I am always on the left... Weird.)

Kate is an artist.  She is a frequent observer/analyzer/study-er of art as well.  She is currently studying for her Master's Degree at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (Say that five times fast.)  
A few of the reasons why Kate is so cool: 
1. She lived in South Korea for a year and a half, 
2. She had the most awesome wedding ever
3. She's married to Chad.  (And knowing Chad just ups anyone's coolness factor.)
4. In high school, they made up the superlative "Best Shoes" just for her, 
5. She's living in Beijing for the summer where she will be a scholar/curator at a gallery.

And, reason #3,907? 

Well, due to the scholar/curator thing, she has been given the opportunity to delve a little deeper into her own art.  She's recently sent me the following e-mail about the super cool project she'll be developing while she's abroad:

Dear Friends,

I am getting back into making my visual work with the human form and gender. I would like for part of my project in Beijing and Seoul this summer to involve asking people to describe their body in a few sentences.  I will then make work based on the writing.  The ultimate goal is to have cards made that make the request in English, Hangul, and Mandarin.  You are my test group!  Eventually, once the cards are made, I may ask you to do a handwritten response.  For now, I'll let you respond if you'd like.  The info below is a draft of what the card will say. 

- - - -
Please describe your body in a few sentences:

Are you willing for your words to be reproduced?  If so, would you like to remain anonymous or be named?  
Age:                 Gender:            Nationality:

- - - -

If you would like to remain anonymous please use the email address below!
password: 123body123

It's a work in progress and a very new idea.  Let me know what you think and thanks for your help!

This is where yall come in.  It would be just peachy if you could take two seconds to describe yourself in an e-mail!  Just the basics will suffice, (American, female, 5'2", 117 lbs.).  Just write your response in a comment, or e-mail me anonymously through the above account at, and I will forward it on to her. 

I really appreciate it. :)


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  1. I would say everything about me is long: arms, legs, fingers, nose, toes. I have green eyes and short brown hair. There isn't much on top, but I am well padded on the bottom and I like it.

    5'10, 115 lbs, American, female